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The Chimaera Global Trading platform caters for self directed investors, as well as those preferring more portfolio oriented solutions.

Instruct the trading desk by email to trade, choose from Chimaera’s range of individually managed accounts, or design your own professionally managed strategy using FolioMandate™*.

Introducing FolioMandate™

FolioMandate™ is a unique Individual Managed Account (IMA) service structured in the form of a registered managed investment scheme.  An appointed investment manager operates your account yet unlike managed funds, the assets within an IMA are not pooled with those of other investors. Instead, particular assets are selected according to the objectives of your chosen Model Folio and then bought, sold or held directly on your behalf. 

FolioMandate™ combines the benefits of professional money management with the flexibility, portability, controls and potential tax advantages of direct entitlements in respect of individual securities.

*Minimum investment limits in place

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