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Cash Account IMA

Invest for yield and capital preservation, in the highest rated global banks, operating in one of the few remaining AAA rated sovereign countries.

Investors will gain superior access a selection of the best deposit rates and short term securities, issued by the AAA rated Australian Government, and the most highly rated Australian Banks.

Access competitive AUD interest rates normally only available to wholesale or sophisticated investors.

 Key Features:

  • Attractive interest rates.
  • T+1 liquidity when switching between Chimaera Products, T+3 liquidity for cash withdrawals.
  • Interest is calculated daily and credited to the account on a month basis providing regular income returns.
  • Simple structure and underlying investments. No derivative exposures, complex financial instruments, or long dated bond securities.
  • Capital stability is paramount. Unlike bond products, the capital value of the Chimaera Cash Account IMA will not be negatively impacted when interest rates rise.
  • A diversified exposure to different types of money market securities ensures the account benefits from the best rates available at different stages of the economic cycle.
  • Online secure access to your account.
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