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Summary of Key Information

Folio Name

Chimaera Super Franked Index

Type of Investment

The Chimaera Super Franked Index strategy operates as an Individually Managed Account (IMA). This means an appointed manager will constantly assess and determine the investments to be made on your account in accordance with a particular exposure or strategy. The assets within the IMA are not pooled with those of other investors, enabling an individualised cost base to be calculated for tax purposes.

IMAs combine the benefits of securing professional money management with the flexibility, portability, controls and potential tax advantages of direct entitlements in respect of individual securities.

Investment Objective

Generate high levels of franked income from an index weighted blue chip Australian equity exposure. The IMA is a medium term investment and is designed to be held for a minimum period of between three to seven years.

Investment Strategy

The IMA seeks to replicate the sector weightings of the S&P / ASX 200 Accumulation by investing in ASX listed ordinary securities selected based on forecast dividend potential and other investability criteria. The use of derivatives and hybrid securities is prohibited. For further information please refer to the PDS.

Responsible Entity Custodian

Chimaera Capital Limited

Investment Manager

Chimaera Private Limited

Fees and Costs

Management Costs

0.75% p.a. For full details of all fees and charges, refer to the Part 2 of the PDS.

Transacting Costs

0.10% per transaction


Quarterly if required

Account Access

Online Access to stock holdings, transactions, activity statements, tax statements, and forms

Tax Reporting

An annual tax statement will be sent.