Key Information

Summary of Key Information

DIGGA Australian Mining ETF


The Fund is an exchange traded fund (ETF). This means investors will gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of securities in a single transaction.

The ETF's portfolio is based upon the Chimaera Australian Mining Index - the DIGGA Index - designed by Chimaera Index Advisors to objectively represent an ASX listed equity exposure to the Australian Mining sector.

Generate a return before costs and taxes in line with the DIGGA Index. The ETF is a medium term investment and is designed to be held for a minimum period of between three to five years.

The ETF seeks to track the performance of the DIGGA Index by investing in ASX listed shares. For further information please refer to the PDS.

Chimaera Capital Limited
Chimaera Private Limited
Standard and Poor's Financial Services LLC

Fees and Costs

1.00% p.a. For full details of all fees and charges, refer to the PDS.


Any investor may buy or sell Units on the ASX.
Application or redemption details for Authorised Participants click here
Distributions will generally be calculated annually or at such other time as determined by the ETF.

An annual tax statement will be sent to all members of the ETF.